Went to this month's Buttoned Down Disco last night, which is a really great night out in London. I love it for two main reasons: firstly, the music is great. They play an eclectic mix all smoothly mixed by the competent DJ. The second reason is the atmosphere: it's very relaxed and uncompetitive. There is no perceptible attitude of competition or confrontation in the place at all. It's just about having fun, which is, in my limited experience, rare in London clubs. Those two factors combine to mean that when I get there, I can just lose myself in the music (yes, that was a sickeningly cheesy sentence, but it's true), something which I've never really been able to do before in clubs...
Hi, Me and some friends went to the Buttoned Down Disco on 4th April 2015, it was honestly one of the best nights out I've had in London! The staff were friendly, the crowd were lively, the music was great and the atmosphere was electric! Can't wait for the next one! Thanks for a great night guys.
Hi everyone at BDD. I have been on your mailling list for about the last year and everytime I've tried to head to your club, things have gone wrong and I haven't been able to go. However, I made it done for the 1st time on your pre new years bash. I would like to say - your club ROCKS!!! I went with four other people and we had a FAB time, several of us even got into your photos, so we're very chuffed. Thanks for choosing such a cool venue, with great music, hope to visit again asap...
The boat party was AMAZING!!! Honestly one of the best parties I have been to in London: lots of great people, the boat was nicely filled, cozy and really beautiful and the music was of course so cool! Only downpoint of the night was that just after midnight I discovered I had lost my Oyster Card, with my credit card and national ID in it!!! My friends and I freaked out! Looked for it everywhere (and lots of strangers helped us in the search!) and finally.... found it at the bar! A super kind soul had found it and the barman gladly returned to me! Happy ending of a great night!
Whoooooooo!!! I had a great evening on Saturday, thanks a lot! This was my first BDD, and you can be sure I'll be back again! I even managed to remember the band I asked about was The Sonics! I was VERY happy when the strains of 'Something For The Weekend' began, as well as going mental to 'Debaser', amongst many many other fine tracks! The peak of the evening for me was 'Northern Lites' followed by 'Don't Stop Me Now'... Awesome!! Keep up the great work! See you later this month!
I also really enjoyed the music you played and the actual vibe of the night - lots of like-minded people with no trace of trouble in the air. That's not to mention the vast amount of good-looking women in the place!! I've got some friends around London who, if they didn't know about these nights already soon will...
Buttoned Down Disco is SO F*CKING GOOD! The people, the music, the venue's just right, the barstaff are cool, I also particularly enjoyed having a rave dancing comptetion with a girl upstairs when it was kind of emptying out a bit. When I go to BDD I wake up the next day feeling like I've run a marathon because I can't help but dance ALL NIGHT LONG. I think I love it.
Saturday BDD was AWESOME!! Loved the venue, the glitter cannons and the music (and the yummy cupcakes that I am glad we got to before everyone else!!) My mates loved it too - thank you so much for inviting us. I'm glad I finally managed to be in London for one of them - will definitely make an effort to come to some more!
A truly fabulous night - I am gutted that I never managed to sort out my birthday bash so that you could DJ there - both me and my mate who would have shared the birthday celebrations were there on Saturday, and the only disappointment of our night was that thought....keep 'em coming!
Hi, just wanted to say thanks for a fab night on Saturday, BDD rocked!!! Me and my friends had a fantastic night and can't wait for the next, it was superb, thanks a lot!