Oh you pretty things!

An interview with Buttoned Down Disco's resident make-up artist, Marie

As so many of you love having your faces painted at Buttoned Down Disco, we pinned down the lovely Marie and asked about glittery things and why she loves them!

BDD: So, how did you get into face painting?

Marie: I got into face painting by chance, although I’ve realised, I’ve been doing face paint with make-up long before I actually tried with paints. A friend needed some help once, and she thought I might be the right one to help as I am very creative, turns out she was right, and I have been doing it ever since. I love it!

BDD: How much do you charge for a design?

Marie: It costs £5 to get a full on creative design with glitter.

BDD: What's the coolest painting you've done for someone?

Marie: I have done various cool designs, some of my favourites have emerged through festivals, I face painted four friends as KISS, and then again another time as the ninja turtles, and last year at Glastonbury, I face painted staff and friends of Buttoned Down Disco as Ziggy Stardust in a variety of colours, that was pretty epic.

BDD: You also join Buttoned Down Disco at festivals, which are your faves and why?

Marie: I love the festivals with Buttoned Down Disco, I have two favourites, Glastonbury and Latitude. Glastonbury because of the music variety and the size of it, Latitude because it has so much heart and creativeness around it. The party with BDD at festivals is amazing!

BDD: How many people do you paint in one party?

Marie: It really depends on the evening, I would say anywhere between 30-80 people.

Catch Marie next at KOKO on Saturday 2nd May and get glittered up!